Shambala Marina Yoga & Reiki is Krabi’s number one holistic healing and yoga retreat Thailand center. Come join us for your yoga retreat Thailand. At our Thailand yoga retreats we offer a range of yoga classes. Our holistic approach to yoga includes a variety of styles of asana integrated with pranayama and meditation. At our yoga retreat we teach and follow Patanjali’s eight-limbs of yoga, including personal and social observances.

During your yoga retreat Thailand you will have a chance to practice beach yoga at Krabi, Thailand’s famous beaches. You can explore the incredible islands of the Andaman Sea and relax afterward with restorative yoga or reiki healing.

We offer yoga classes twice a day, and Yoga and healing retreats throughout the year. We also offer Reiki & Yoga retreat packages, combining the insights and energies of these two complementary practices to deepen our experience and understanding of our subtler energetic bodies. Our experienced yoga teachers and Reiki practitioners will guide you through yoga breathing exercises to support your chakra cleansing and spiritual healing.

Meditation & Yoga Retreat Thailand
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Yoga Life in Thailand

Whether you come for a yoga retreat Thailand, a teacher training, or a one-off class you will be welcomed into our small community of international travellers and yogis, all keen to share with you and support you along your journey of self-discovery and personal transformation. We are a favorite yoga retreat Thailand for in backpackers looking for a comfortable place to rest and detox while on the road. Our friendly staff and comfortable atmosphere will put you right at home. Begin your transformation with a yoga Thailand health retreat at our yoga retreat center.

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Even a few days can make all the difference in the world. In less than a week you will feel revitalized with a yoga retreat Thailand.

If you just need to get away from your life for a yoga escape in Thailand, join us for a yoga retreat Thailand. During our Thailand yoga detox retreat you will enjoy many holistic healing practices such as ear candling and sound bowl healing. You can visit the many beaches and islands throughout this tropical paradise. Our yoga retreat Thailand sells all the yoga clothes for Thailand you will need.

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Shala for Yoga Retreat Thailand
Discover the benefits of a Yoga Retreat Thailand for yourself.



Some of the benefits of a regular Hatha Yoga Practice:

Toned and strengthened muscles

Flexibility in the spine and joints

Healthier respiratory and circulatory functions

Better digestion

Improved balance and posture

Relief from stress

Greater concentration

Deeper relaxation and sleep

Expanded consciousness and awareness



For TTC packages please visit our » Yoga Teacher Training section.

Shambala Marina Yoga in Krabi

One Day Retreat

Hot stone massage is a type of massage therapy that involves the use of smooth, heated stones. The localized heat and weight of the stones warm and relax muscles ...

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Reiki Heling Thailand Krabi

3 Night / 4 Day Yoga Reiki Healing Retreat

When the energy of the body is low you become stressed and tired. Our energy healing and reiki retreat Thailand in combination with yoga therapy Thailand will lift your energy up. Yoga at this reiki ...

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Krabi Yoga Reiki Healing Retreat

5 Night / 6 Day Yoga Reiki Healing Retreat

This yoga retreat Thailand includes supplemental care with reiki therapy and soundbowl healing. Yoga Thailand is the perfect complement to spiritual healing with reiki healing by a reiki master ...

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Beach Yoga - Yoga Teacher Training

5 Night / 6 Day Yoga Meditation Retreat

Join us for a week long yoga meditation retreat. This Thailand meditation retreat is the prefect way to relax on your yoga holiday Thailand. If you’ve thought about trying a yoga Thailand ...

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Shambala Yoga in Krabi

Single Session Yoga Classes

Yoga Classes in Krabi Thailand. Holistic yoga retreat. Relaxing Beach Yoga are the perfect way to relax and begin a healing yoga vacation....

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