Reiki Courses

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Reiki Healing Courses (level 1-3)

Level 1

What is Spiritual Healing? The History of Healing; The Human Energy Centers – The Chakras; The Human Energy Field – The Aura; Preparing for Healing – Grounding, Spiritual Attunement and Protection; Distant Healing; The Act of Healing and to know the phycology role.

Level 2

Part 2 of the Course has been designed for people who have successfully completed Healer Training Part 1.

Subjects covered include:

Breath Work, Relaxation and Meditation; The Professional Healing Environment – Practical Preparations for Healing, distance Healing, learning to use the powerful Symbols, Opening and Closing a Healing Session, Administration and Record Keeping; The Code of Conduct; Risk Assessment and Health and Safety; The Healer – Roles and Responsibilities; Being a Student with The Healing Trust – Recording your Personal Development as a Healer; Couch Healing.

Level 3 and Reiki Master

Part 3 and 4 of the Course has been designed for those students who have successfully completed Healer Training Parts 1 and 2. (Applicants will be expected to confirm the dates and locations at which Parts 1 and 2 were completed.

The Physical Body – Anatomy and Physiology; Stress Management; The Creative Mind – Self-Healing Strategies; Imagery in Healing – Creative Visualization and Meditation; The Healer’s Role in the Universal Scheme; Childhood Influences; Attunement with Words; Forgiveness; Healing Practice; Couch Healing.

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