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Chanting has been around for over 5,000 years and is defined as the continuous recitation of mantras. Mantra is a Sanskrit word meaning, in rough translation, “to deliver the mind.” A mantra refers specifically to sacred words and syllables chanted in rituals. It is the belief of some spiritual leaders that to be most effective, a mantra has to be taught by a guru, or self-realized teacher. When an individual or group engages in chanting, it is the goal to connect their minds with the “Divine Mind” and attain a higher state of consciousness.


Om Chanting: Connecting Heaven and Earth

‘Om’ and Om chanting is the primal cosmic vibration emanated by the Universe. To the ancient Indians who discovered this vibration thousands of years ago, and other cultures who have adapted this sound to suit their phonetics, Om chanting represents the sound form of Consciousness which drives incubation, sustenance and transformation of matter and energy.

The word OM comprises triad sounds, ‘A’, ‘U’ and ‘M’ respectively. According to the Mandukya Upanishad (a body of knowledge devoted to an explanation of Om), Aa (arising from abdominal region) supports the creative energy called Brahma, Au (originating in the chest/throat region) infers to the Hindu God of sustenance called Vishnu, and Ma (originating in the head) denotes the transformative energy of the Hindu deity Shiva. The universal appeal of Om chanting is reflected in the various adaptations of Om in many faiths. And today, modern science corroborates the therapeutic effects of chanting Om after findings that the droning vibration of Om sound is emanated by the Earth and thus attunes our health and behavior favorably if chanted regularly.