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Marina - Senior Teacher at Marina Yoga

Marina Frei

Personal Data

Date of Birth:   17.Aug.1959

Marital status:   single

Languages:      German, English, basic Thai


1965-1971                            Richard Grundschule, Berlin, Germany  ( Primary Education )
1972-1976                           Thomas-Morus Schule, Berlin, Germany
( Secondary Education )

Work experience

1975-1978                           Study as Retailer for Glass, Porcelain and Ceramics, Fa.Bauch, Germany
1978-1980                           Retail Manager for Fa.Uhlemann, Berlin, Germany
1982-1985                           Kinder garden Teacher
1986-1991                           Customer service representative, Otto Versand, Berlin, Germany
1991-2001                           Owner and manager of day  Tempelhof nursery (Day Center)
2001-2002                           Owner of Krabi Dive shop, Thailand
2002-2006                           Freelance working as Master Diver Instructor (Seasonal)
2004-2006                           Lifeguard of Eltviller public Pool, Germany
2004-2006                           Retail Manager for souvenirs, Germany
2006-2009                           Dive Medic Technician for Recompression Chamber, Thailand

Study Qualification

1975-1978                           Retailer, accounting
1978-1979                           Manager for retailer and accounting
1980-1981                           computer specialist and management
1991-1994                           Educator for Kinder garden children and children with physical disabilities
1992                                   first Aid courses for children and adults
1998                                   Diving Instructor
1992-2001                         several Meditation courses
1995-1996                         Reiki master/Teacher
2000                                  Practicing Shamanistic Healer
2001-2004                       Study of Physiologist and Homeopathic and Anatomy
2004-2006                        Study of Psychologie
2006                                   Dive medic technician
2007                                   DAN Oxygen and First Aid Instructor
2008                                   study as Yoga Hadha and Kriya Instructor
2008                                   DAN first Aid for hazardous Marine Life Injuries Instructor
2008                                   Director of Yoga and Healing center
2009                                   RecrompressionChamber operator
2009                                   Swim instructor
2015                                    Shamanistic course