Yoga Prices

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Prices for Yoga Classes
Duration  90 min

Prices for adults

Single class (drop in) 400 THB

One on One 850 THB

10x Card 3300 THB*

15x Card 4200 THB*

1 Month Card 3900 THB*


6x Yog + 2x Reiki 3500 THB*

6 day Yog & Healing + Bungalow 13.900 THB* (8x yoga/meditation, 2x Reiki, 2x earcan, 2 soundbowl)

Day Retreat (1 Reiki, 1 Ear Candle, 2 Yoga/Meditation Class) 1900.-THB

Yoga Classes for Children
Duration 60 min

Single Class (drop in) 200 THB

11x card 2000 THB*

* Note: 10x, 11x, 15x Cards, Packages and Monthly Cards payable in advance.

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